When to start preparing for XAT 2021?

When to start preparing for XAT 2021?
When to start preparing for XAT 2021?

When to start preparing for XAT 2021?

XAT stands for Xaviers’ Aptitude Test. It is a national level entrance examination conducted by XLRI every year for selecting the most appropriate students for management education. Additionally, more than 100 other institutes for admission to their management programs use the XAT score. XAT 2021 will be conducted on the First week of January, 2021.

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XAT 2021 Paper Pattern

Part 1 (165 minutes, no sectional timings, -0.25 negative marking)

  1. Verbal and Logical Ability –           26 questions
  2. Quantitative Ability and –           28 questions

Data Interpretation

  1. Decision Making –           21 questions

Part 2 (15 minutes, no negative marking)

  1. General Awareness –           25 questions


When to start preparing?

Candidates who have started preparing for XAT 2021 already or are planning to join within the upcoming 2 months have a far better chance of completing the curriculum than the ones who postpone their studies until the critical months of October or November. The candidates who are planning to begin on a later note would have to either pursue a crash course or be updated with mock revisions in order to clear XAT. Keep in mind that XAT has a stricter marking scheme than CAT and some of the sections of the entrance exam is much more difficult than those of CAT. Since there will be a lot of areas to cover in a short span of time, here is a list of essential steps which would bear the torch for a XAT aspirant to overcome the difficulty level and level up with other candidates in terms of speed and efficiency.


Tips and Tricks while preparing for XAT:

  • Make a daily routine and dedicate 6-8 hours to studies. Get hold of XAT syllabusand make a list of topic-wise strengths and weakness.
  • Understand the XAT exam patternand test structure to make a time-bound exam preparation strategy. Given the short duration, you’ve got it is important for you to focus more on topics from which maximum questions are asked.
  • Join online study groups and find a mentor to guide you through your preparation.
  • Download online study material and MBA exam preparation apps, sectional preparation videos to be able to study on the go. Remember every minute is precious.
  • Allot time to each section and time yourself. Do not overstep the time-limit.
  • Dedicate the last month, practice XAT mock testsand assess your growth. The key to all competitive exams is practice so attempt as many mock tests as you can.


XAT Verbal & Logical Ability

Critical Reasoning & Reading Comprehension areas have historically dominated this section. Thrust is on reasoning skills. Purely vocabulary-based questions are rarely asked. This section requires a very fine balance between quick reading and comprehension skills. Practicing across Mock Tests is essential for superior performance.


XAT Decision Making & Analytical Reasoning

This forms the most unique part of the XAT exam. Consisting of various business and everyday situations, you are meant to establish what the various stakeholders should do in the situation given. In general, the situations given in these questions set up interesting dilemmas for the parties involved, and most of the choices involve an analysis of the possible gains and losses with each course of action adopted. Different types of questions probed in these areas include: ethical dilemmas, financial issues involving sales, revenues etc. of a company, employee management issues and general management scenarios. As far as what kind of decisions you should make, ensure that the decision taken is unbiased and does not favor one particular party, ethical, balanced and from the perspective of all stakeholders involved. Do not lose your objectivity in the entire process and do not let your own biases cloud your judgment.

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XAT Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation

Majority of the questions featured in this area have come from Geometry, Number Systems, Functions, P&C, Probability and Data Interpretation. Strong conceptual base in the above topics, with a good application orientation is the key to doing well. Thrust areas are Geometry, Number Systems, P&C, Probability and Functions.


XAT General Knowledge

As far as XAT is concerned, general knowledge made its first appearance in the exam in 2013. Put greater emphasis on economics and business related facts. Preparing current events for the last 6 months is essential. In static GK part, focus on awards, books & authors and geography.




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