Tips to Attempt CAT Mocks

Tips to Attempt CAT Mocks

Every year Indian Institute of Management releases the official mock test for CAT on October 18. CAT mock 2020 will be available like all years with the objective of helping the candidates in familiarizing themselves with all the aspects like exam pattern, navigation process as well as other aspects of the CAT 2020. Every year with the increasing number of CAT applications and candidates appearing in the exam, the competition level has also increased. In this article, we will help candidates to understand the importance of mock test of CAT, when and how candidates can take up the test. Read the complete article to stay updated with details related to the CAT 2020

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Why take CAT Mock Test

Candidates who will register for CAT 2020 have two options with regard to benefits of mock. Taking pre-preparation and post-preparation mocks will help them know where they stand with regards to the CAT Exam. Below we provide benefits that are associated with the mock test of CAT 2020 which must be checked by candidates.

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  1. To understand the Exam Pattern

Candidates who take up the mock test for CAT will get familiar with the CAT 2020 exam pattern. Details related to the nature of questions, total questions in each section that will be asked, etc., can be equated by candidates. All major areas are covered under the CAT mock test and this will help candidates to be ready for the entrance exam

  1. Self Analysis

By appearing in CAT mock test 2020, students will be able to assess themselves. Candidates will also learn which areas in the CAT syllabus 2020 need improvement and get help in judging those areas. Weaker sections must be taken into limelight through the mock test of CAT 2020.

  1. Time Management

As per the pattern of CAT 2020, there will be sectional timing in the mock. The mock test will be similar to CAT 2020, which means candidates will have to attempt 100 questions within the time duration of 180 minutes. The situation is  challenging, hence by taking the CAT 2020 mock test candidates can formulate a strategy on time management so that they can answer maximum accurate questions without losing time.

  1. Know the Paper Pattern

Toppers of CAT 2019 has admitted to the fact that if you are lucky enough then you may find similar questions in CAT like the ones attempted during CAT mock preparation. So can say that through the mock test of CAT 2020, candidates will definitely get an idea on the type of questions that will be asked.

Tips to take CAT Mock Test

As mentioned earlier, the mock test of CAT 2020 can be taken before starting preparation or if the candidates want to give a shot after they are well-versed, they can also take it up later. Both situations will help candidates to clear CAT with a good CAT percentile. CAT 2020 mock test will be released on October 18, 2020. Let us take a look on the different stages where the candidates can go for the CAT mock test.

Stage 1: pre-preparation Mocks

Stage 2: During The Preparation

Stage 3: Before 2-4 months of examination

Stage 4: 1-2 weeks before the examination

Let’s look at each stage in an elaborative form to have a better understanding on when to take the CAT mock test.

Stage 1: Pre-preparation Mocks

It is a must for candidates to take a mock test before they start their CAT preparation. The major advantage of taking a mock test CAT 2020 beforehand will help candidates to know the major topics which need extensive focus. A student who scored 100 percentile in CAT 2019, while sharing his preparation strategy to take CAT mock test stated, “My basic preparation strategy was to identify my weak areas and practice those topics extensively in a short time so that I am able to recognize the pattern of mistakes and then track my progress through mocks.” Take atleast 5-7 mock before you start your preparation.

Stage 2: During The Preparation

A CAT Topper said, “I was also regular with my attendance of scheduled mocks and attempting of sectional mocks, which help boost my performances in all 3 sections. I had an edge in VARC owing to my general comfort in the language, but a constant fear of the LRDI section ensured I was regular with my practice.” Candidates can also opt for during the preparation mocks. Once you study a topic, try finding questions related to the same topic in mock test. Candidates must also search in related topics in CAT question papers.

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Stage 3: Before 2-4 months of examination

CAT 2020 will be conducted on November 29. Hence, candidates must finish their CAT preparation by the end of August and start with the mocks. After August, Revision should start along with the mock test of CAT 2020. It may happen that candidates come across new questions to work upon while solving these mock. Remember that Knowledge is of no value, until you put it into practice.

Stage 4: 1-2 weeks before the examination

It is advised to candidates to take one CAT mock test on a daily basis. Learn from the mistakes done in previous mocks and fix the same in the upcoming mocks. A CAT 2019 topper said that post any mocks he gave some time to analyze the test and figured out what went wrong and then focused on that by changing his preparation strategy.

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