How to prepare for NMAT Logical Reasoning?

How to prepare for NMAT Logical Reasoning?
How to prepare for NMAT Logical Reasoning?

How to prepare for NMAT Logical Reasoning?

 The two important areas in this section are verbal and analytical reasoning. While preparing for this section, remember never to assume or use any information that is not provided in the question. Develop a knack for identifying the questions to be done and the ones to leave. This section has a lot of different topics to cover since this section is different from the NMAT exam. You need to prepare additionally for this section in the NMAT exam. There are 36 questions in the Logical Reasoning section that have to be completed in 40 minutes, giving you 1 min/question. The section tests you’re two areas of Reasoning – Analytical and Verbal. Verbal is more time demanding than analytical. Logical Reasoning Skills is not a cakewalk. Practical reasoning is required and over here the right and fast approach is the key. Verbal reasoning includes questions on choosing facts, inference and judgement, statement and argument, statement and assumption, etc.

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Following are the topics to be focused on in the Logical reasoning section:

  • Coding & Decoding
  • Series
  • Strong Arguments and Weak Arguments
  • Multi-dimensional arrangements
  • Puzzles
  • Arrangement
  • Input & Output
  • Family tree
  • Numeric grid
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Calendars
  • Syllogisms
  • Statement Conclusions
  • Course of Action
  • Blood Relations

For verbal reasoning, the topics that you can expect questions from are:  critical reasoning, strong arguments and weak arguments, statement conclusions, arrangement, course of action. The best way to succeed in answering all the questions from this section is to improve verbal and analytical reasoning through practice of different question types from different sources. Attempt mock tests regularly to check your competency levels in answering questions. List down your strong and weak areas to work on them.

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A lot of candidates tend to neglect Logical reasoning, often considering it as ‘easy’ and ‘manageable’. However, once they attempt the exam, they realize that they have lost a lot of marks just because they didn’t get enough practice! Don’t skip out on practicing LR daily, it’s your only way out. LR in NMAT has a mix of a variety of questions, and you need some prior practice to solve them all quickly and accurately. You cannot develop a skill for it overnight, so keep practicing.

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