How to prepare for CAT Reading Comprehension

How to prepare for CAT Reading Comprehension

When we talk about preparing for the CAT exam, the first thought that comes to our mind is how will I crack the Verbal Ability section, isn’t it? Well if your answer to this question is yes, then this article has the answer for you. In the VARC section, that majority value is of Reading comprehension and it requires more efforts to ace the topic. Here, we will share tips on How to Prepare reading comprehension for CAT 2020.

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How to prepare for Reading Comprehension in CAT

Reading Comprehension is a major part of the VARC section. 24 questions out of 34 are based on reading comprehension. You must guide your preparations by following the below-mentioned tips:

  1. Reading an English newspaper is a must for every student. Students will not only have a habit of reading but it also will enhance your vocabulary and general awareness skill. Read the editorial section of the newspapers to enhance your reading skills and have an understanding of the editorial.
  2. Reading daily will increase your reading speed as well as it will enhance your comprehension powers. Gradually you will be able to understand the passage entirely and this again will help you answer any question related to the passage.
  3. Since 2017, IIMs have started releasing CAT exam papers with their answer keys, attempt those RC passages from the actual CAT test papers, and answer questions in them. This will help you immensely in understanding the pattern of questions and passages asked in the actual CAT Exam.
  4. Monitor time you take to solve the complete reading comprehension passage. Solve it in the least time possible because VA section can also help you increase your score. Now this will require continuous practice on your part to solve the comprehension questions in a limited time.
  5. Solve Reading Comprehension on a regular basis. Solve questions on the Central idea of the passage, the meaning of the passage, etc. Practice from multiple websites and try and understand their passages and figure out the central idea and main idea of the passage yourself.
  6. Keep practising whenever possible.

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Rules to Follow While Preparing for RC Section:

  1. One should understand the author’s main point of the passage.
  2. To identify the key arguments put forward to prove that point.
  3. To identify the author’s tone which can be Mocking, Curious, Respectful, etc.
  4. Check for negative conjunctions and these words will definitely show some change in the tone of the author. Hence, the implication of the author is not what the initial statement suggests. For E.g. But, however, in spite of, etc.,
  5. See whether there are negative qualifiers words which create doubt about fact being stated. E.g. perhaps, appears, somewhat, seems like, etc.


How To attempt the Reading Comprehension in CAT?

The topics in the exam range from economy, social, editorial, scientific and other topics. It often includes online articles, international newspaper articles, and more.

Read the following tips to keep in mind before starting to attempt the questions:

  1. Choose the topic you are most comfortable to solve
  2. Work out on the questions that are direct and straight to the point as they will consume less time.
  3. The first few sentences of the RC passage give the major hint for the entire passage. And also, more often than not the first question will be from the first few sentences of the passage and so on.
  4. Always stick to the passage while answering questions from the RC.
  5. Read the passage thoroughly first then move on to answer the question as that will save a good amount of time.
  6. Do not stay to attempt all the questions, remember every wrong answer will attract 1/3 negative marking.

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