How to get an Exemption in CA Final SFM (Strategic Financial Management)

As we know Strategic Financial management or SFM is the most scoring paper in CA Final of and most of the learners get more than sixty in it while a few do not even get passing marks in this subject, the major reason behind this huge failure is lack of proper planning. A lot of students asks me how to How to get an exemption in CA Final SFM? So I’ve written a few vital tips that’ll certainly help you all to get more than sixty scores in this particular paper. But first firstly what are the conditions for getting an exemption?

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Conditions for getting an Exemption

A candidate has to appear in the entire subjects of a particular group to be eligible to get an exemption in a subject of that group. If the examination form is filed for entire subjects but the candidate is absent in each paper of the group, he or she will not be eligible to get an exemption. If a student did not write a particular subject because of an exemption available (having secured 65 scores in November 2016 paper number two), he or she will not acquire any exemption in Group one attempt. Each group is treated separately and the exemption in one group doesn’t affect the exam in another.

Marks Requirement

The learner has secured at least sixty marks in single or more subjects to get an examination in a particular group. There’s no limitation on the number of subjects in which an exemption can be claimed, other than the condition of appearing in entire subjects of a group. If a student scores sixty or more in 3 subjects but marks just 39 in the 4th subject, he or she is eligible for the exam in the entire 3 subjects.

How to get an Exemption in CA Final SFM

The exemption is auto and will be found indicated in the statement of marks issued by the institute. When the candidate fills examination form for the future attempt, the deals of the exemption have to be indicated.

Validity of Exemption

An exemption is valid for 3 immediate succeeding examinations. If a student scores sixty in a particular subject in May 2017, the exemption will be available on November 17, May 18, November 18 and May 19 exams. The exemption will not be carried forward beyond 3 attempts in any case.

Following are a few key points which will help you to get an Exemption in CA Final Strategic Financial management:-

  • Make chapter wise formula CA Final SFM Notes, extremely neat and systematic. Try writing the method yourself as you’ll learn as you write. So, keep away from getting the method booklet photocopied. (i) Cover any formula and the alternative methods as well. You never understand which method comes to use in which condition. (ii) Always connect the formulas with deep logic. This’ll deepen your understanding of the subject and will power up your concepts.
  • The finest book for SFM according to me is the study content provided by the institute. I’d suggest never ignore the study content or the practice manual. (i) if though you need a reference, SD BALA is a very fine book. If you need more quires to practice, you might go for ASISH KARRA. (ii) Never seem at the solutions when you solve the quires, in its place forever try and solve them based on your concepts.
  • CA Final SFM is a practice based subject; therefore never mug up the quires, the more you practice, the supper you
  • When you begin the studies, forever, start with the class notes and CA Final SFM Pen Drive Lectures followed by the concept based short questions then go for larger ones. Do not straightly jump on to larger ones, at times we make silly plan based mistakes and lose scores.

Why Exemption is there in ICAI Examinations?

Keep in mind your school days, when you used to score first-class marks and you used to get a few gift for enormous result from your teachers and parents. So, here also the law is same. You score first-class marks and you get exemption.

  • Exemption’s oxford meaning: “releasing from a compulsion.
  • Exemption in Chartered Accountancy exams simply means “you’re free from the compulsion of re-appearing the similar exam in your following exams in case you fail in any other subjects and have to offer the exams once again.

Since CA –Exams are one of the difficult exams in the state, so to recognize the bright candidates who perform actually well in the exams; ICAI came with the idea of awarding “Exemption”.

Can I surrender an Exemption?

An exemption is auto and can be surrendered by just by submitting a written application to the examination joint secretary along with an affidavit in the prescribed shape. The letter has to reach ICAI on or before the final date of submission of exam forms.

The letter has to be sent separately and should be not be submitted along with examination form. The surrender of exemption will be efficient just when confirmed by the institute. The surrender will be in complete for all subjects. When an exemption is surrendered, the similar will not be reinstated, so one has to be careful before selecting to surrender the exemption.

If a learner wants to get a rank in CA exam, he or she has to appear in all papers of both groups. Therefore, any exemption received earlier have to be surrendered to be eligible to get rank.


An attempted both of the groups of CA final in May 2017 and secured sixty five scores in paper 2 but failed in groups

  • Every group will be treated separately for exemption purpose
  • The exemption in Paper two will be valid till May 2019 exams.
  • A will not get any additional exemption in Group one till May 2019 exams. The one and only option to get another exemption are to surrender the exemption.
  • A can get an exemption in Group 2, if the scores secured are sixty or more.

A will not be qualified to safe a Rank till May 2019 exams unless he or she surrenders the exemption. Click here to prepare for CA Final SFM

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