How to crack NMAT in 1 Month

How to crack NMAT in 1 Month

Go through your Basic concepts

This is the first and foremost thing you should be doing while preparing for NMAT. Since it’s a test of efficiency, in order to ensure concept clarity on fundamental formulae and number operations, begin with basics such as LCM and HCF, odd and even, prime numbers. Once this is done, move to advanced concepts. Make sure that you revisit every topic even if you feel that you have covered them before. Don’t skip any topic, you never know what might come up in the paper. Most questions that come in NMAT are based on basic concepts itself, so ensure that you are extremely well prepared with your basics.

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Work on speed calculations

Since NMAT is a speed-based test, you need to get familiar with multiplication tables, squares, cubes, common fractions, and their percentage equivalents. This helps you tremendously to save time and quickly attempt all questions. Mental calculations will be very effective in both Quants and DI. You can especially perform well in DI because most of the questions are easy but calculation intensive. Hence, if you quickly solve the numbers mentally, you can definitely score higher.

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Prepare thoroughly for Logical Reasoning section

A lot of candidates tend to neglect Logical reasoning, often considering it as ‘easy’ and ‘manageable’. However, once they attempt the exam, they realize that they have lost a lot of marks just because they didn’t get enough practice! Don’t skip out on practicing LR daily, it’s your only way out. LR in NMAT has a mix of a variety of questions, and you need some prior practice to solve them all quickly and accurately. You cannot develop a skill for it overnight, so keep practicing.

Practice Reading Comprehensions

Coming to the section that is not the majority’s favorite: language skills. To increase efficiency in this, you need to increase your comprehension skills for which you need to acknowledge and appreciate the contextual usage of words. One of the best ways to do this is by reading editorials (of newspapers) regularly. Not only will your reading speed increase, you will come across many new words and also increase your GK, which can be useful during GDPI. So definitely start making this a habit!

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Nail the Vocabulary based questions

It has been observed that NMAT’s verbal section focuses a lot of vocabulary related questions such as synonyms, antonyms, and analogies. Make a list of at least 10 words every day and keep revising them. Include the words that have come in previous papers in NMAT, since they tend to repeat a lot of words. Try to not just learn the word, but use it in a sentence also, since you may get fill-ups based on it.

Give as many mocks as you can

You can follow a common strategy i.e. solve mocks once a week 3-4 months before the exam, twice a day 2 months before the exam, and once every two days with one month left for the exam. The two days are allocated for each mock so that one day you attempt it and the next entire day is invested in an in-depth analysis of the mock. This is a more crucial step than giving the mock, since only then would you be able to identify and improve your mistakes. Mocks should become your best friends during these 3 -4 months of your preparation phase. It becomes imperative for you to practice via mocks, both overall and section-wise, to excel in the test. Time management and prioritization are two integral capabilities that come handy in any entrance exam, and you can learn this only when you give mocks!

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