CA Final SFM Best Pendrive Course

CA Final SFM Best Pendrive Course

Learn about the Best Pendrive Course CA Final SFM. Many students show increased interest in learning SFM now. There’re many online courses providers available now that provide CA Final Notes because of the excess of interest of the ever-growing number of candidates towards SFM. Strategic financial management combines financial management and Strategic management to help people adopt a complete approach.

Learn how to get exemption in CA Final SFM

Sfm pendrive lecture

You can have access to whole the financial criteria for creating entire management decisions. Generally speaking; strategic financial management concentrates on 2 vital aspects and they include net current value and cash flow. If you learn SFM, you can simply understand the part of accountancy in this ever-evolving economically world.

If you seek the support of a reliable CA Final SFM Pen Drive Course provider which follows the new syllabus, you can make your preparation for the examination very result-oriented. Now the world is changing in a speedy way. Reliable online Pen drive course for CA Final SFM offer most up to date study materials to help the students to get top scores.

CA Final SFM with Nikhil JOBANPUTRA (SFM Guru)

With over 15 years of high notch experience in providing professional training to CA candidates, Nikhil JOBANPUTRA is one of the best options if you’re looking ahead to get the finest for your CA Final Attempt. His expertise lies in coaching CA and CMA Final candidates. He has trained over 50,000 students across Mumbai, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and BENGALURU. With his major strength in SFM, FR, Indian Accounting standards, management accounting, and Cost Accounting, he teaches in a historic way, offering his students exposure to the finest of his experience and knowledge.

Get started Pen Drive Course for CA Final SFM (Fast Track – New Syllabus) with SFM Guru

SFM Guru provides best and proven method to learn CA Final SFM. Especially for candidates preparing for May 2019 and November 2019 examinations!

About Course:

  • 75 hours of high notch quality video content
  • Four specially designed books for simple understanding and speedy revision
  • Volume 1 – CA Final SFM – Textbook
  • Volume 2 – CA Final SFM – Textbook
  • Solutions  – CA Final Strategic Financial Management – Textbook 1 and 2

Revamp – Designed Final day revision

The Benefits of Pen Drive Course for CA Final SFM (Fast Track)

  • Cover CA Final SFM in just 75 Hours: Yes that’s right, the complete CA Final SFM in 75 hours, but this doesn’t compromise on the quality and content. Every vital aspect of the subject has been covered efficiently.
  • No Prior Subject Knowledge needed: however a “Fast Track” Batch, it’s immensely useful for students who’ve never learned SFM earlier.
  • One year complete Validity: Pen Drive Video lectures valid for one year from the date of activation
  • Two Times viewing allowed: We know that you might want to revise a few concepts; we thus have kept a special facility, letting students view the content two times.
  • Repeat any concept: learners can repeat any concept that’s needed any number of times.


GAURAV JAINN has qualified his CA in 2006 and has spent more than a decade in trading activity, Market analysis, and trading strategies formulation in commodities, Equity Derivatives and Currencies. His main focus areas were hedging activities which exposed too many derivatives such as Swaps, Futures, and Options. He has exposure to training projects about financial markets.

His teaching career started seven years ago with a combination of practical exposure which helps learners in understanding the ideas in an exceptionally lucid and simple way, as-well-as his very successful thought of covering 100% CA Final SFM course in 60 classes make him very popular among CA Final SFM students.


He is extremely patient, understanding and kind. He has placed themselves in their learner’s shoes and imagines what the students are feeling and thinking, thus anticipating what they need in order to thrive and learn. When a learner is struggling, he hid their tension and refrain from making disdainful opinions which make the condition worse.

Instead, he’ll anything and all in order to reach every student. It can be challenging at times, but he knows what separates them from the complete of the pack is soul and heart they bring into the classroom. He makes a huge difference lives by thinking outside the container and being fearless in employing methods that have never been tried. He forever teaches students issues solving skills in new and improves methods. SRIVASTAVA online course is known as the finest institute for CA final, CA FR, and CA Final SFM in India.


KANWARPREET JASSAL has worked with Price Water House Coopers and presently practice in Equity and derivative markets. He has an enriched wide experience of 7 plus years in imparting knowledge in the fields of CA Final SFM and Financial Management across many locations. He is also visiting faculty at ICAI, Kochi, and Bangalore.  KANWARPREET JASSAL has already thought 15000 students in this sector.

The conceptual explanations given by him are well supported by logical and practical reasoning thereby making the learning interesting. KANWARPREET JASSAL’s ideal blend of corporate experience with a Big Four and expertise knowledge in financial markets leaves students not wanting to miss one single lecture.

About Course

  • Lectures are in English.
  • Over 130 hours with 2x view.
  •  Available for New Syllabus.
  • Complete coverage with a logical explanation of each concept.
  • The entire concepts are backed by class notes.
  • Real market instances to help decode economic jargons.

Final words

If you’re on the lookout for an ever-reliable online pen drive course that helps you improve your financial management skills and perform really well in the CA Final Exam of SFM, you can pick SFM Guru (Nikhil JOBANPUTRA). This amazing platform provides the most up to date study materials for learners at an extremely affordable cost. Its YouTube Channel Also provides top-notch useful information for all the candidates who want to learn CA Final SFM.

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