Best Books for CA Final Students

Best Books for CA Final Students

Chartered Accountant (CA) Final Reference Books and ICAI suggested Best books are Listed here. Now some queries like, what are the finest books for candidates arise often. Some CA candidates study any single book and some other study many books for one subject. We’d like to explain that, this CA Final book list has been presented just for educational purpose and we don’t own any commercial interest.

Best books for CA Final

To solve this problem, we’ll be offering a full list of best books for CA final students. Theses CA Final Books were listed out by FIN APP Education panel based on inputs from entire Toppers in India and student who scored exemptions in those particular subjects. The book which most professor and CA Final in entire India toppers have recommended is the ICAI Practice manual. Wherever you read any interview of the topper, you see that they’ve prepared from practice manual at least once.

Best Books for CA Final Students Recommended by Topper

  • FR (Financial Reporting) – MP Vijay Kumar
  • SFM – Pattabhi Ram and SD Bala (Many also recommend CA Final SFM books by CA Nikhil Jobanputra)
  • Auditing – Vikas Oswal
  • Law – Munish Bhandari
  • AMA – Padhuka
  • ISCA – Practice Manual
  • DT (Direct Tax) – Vinod Gupta
  • IDT ()Indirect Tax – ICAI SM

Best Book for CA Final Financial Reporting

There’re extremely fine books available for CA Final FR in the market now, from authors like PC Tulsian, MP Vijay Kumar, Padhuka etc. MP Vijay Kumar books are best for students who’re preparing for CA Final via self-study. The practical issues (particularly in Consolidation) were solved in table style, which makes it simpler for the student during test preparation. Furthermore, the book is very wide and can be considered as the recommended best book for CA Final.

Next option comes PC Tulsian, during the past two years; this has become quite well known among the CA Final students. May 2015 topper has a prepared an exam from this book. Students who have taken training already will find this book extremely helpful. The chapters are a mix of some new questions and also questions from past exams.

PADHUKA has a top number of solved questions and can also be considered fine enough for revision when you’ve extremely less time.

Best Book for CA Final SFM

Arguably, the best book in the marketplace for CA Final SFM is First Lessons in FM by SD BALA and Pattabhi Ram. What makes this CA Final book stand out is that the topics explained in an extremely practical and conceptual manner. When you start reading this book, you’ll start seeing CA Final SFM Subject in a different manner.

All the topics were explained in a detailed way ample instance. Students, who’re looking to get conceptual lucidity and not only scoring forty scores, should read this CA Final SFM book. Receiving this sort of book knowledge will help you in a long manner in the interviews and also in the future time.

Best Book for CA Final Audit

Surbhi Bhansal CA Final book is the most popular one suggested by most CA Final toppers. However, we can say that this CA Final book is a bit over rated. For certain topics like banking, professional ethics etc, we can recommend Surbhi Bhansal book for CA Final Audit. Though, we cannot say you’d replay totally.

Keeping the value of scoring marks in examination, and also understanding the paper, the CA Final book we can suggest for Audit is Vikas Oswal’s simple and smooth approach to Professional Ethics and Advanced Auditing. Students should prepare for auditing subject with a mix of this book plus ICAI practice manual.

Apart from Vikas Oswal, we’ll also provide high marks to book by Padhuka for the rapid question before the examination.

Best Book for CA Final Law

This is the clearest option; the book we suggested and recommended by several students is Munish Bhandari’s CA Final Law book.

Advantages of this book

  • The book is incredibly comprehensive.
  • The Book provides detailed knowledge on entire topics knowledge one can get from this CA Final Law book.
  • Covers every practical issue of past exams

Best Book for CA Final AMA

AMA paper needs a student to prepare as several different issues as they’d. The more questions you practice, the greater you get at the subject. Single such book which offers tons of practical issues is from Padhuka. This one of the best CA Final book AMA available in the market and it’d be an outright option for CA Final learners preparing for AMA exam.

Apart from this book, we’ll also suggest CA Final students go via ICAI practice manual too.

Best Book for CA Final ISCA

ICAI practice manual is the finest book for the CA Final info system control and audit subject. There’re books available in the market from individual publishers as well as authors, but practice manual stands on the peak. What we see is that the learners who’ve prepared from practice manual are scoring extremely good marks in ISCA.

Best Book for CA Final DT (Direct Tax) 

The finest book for CA Final learners preparing the DT subject is by Vinod Gupta. This CA Final book is so finely composed, that even learners who’re doing self-study will find the paper very simple. The DT book is broken down into modules and will cost you around 1500 INR. However, the cost looks over the top; we also can say that it’s worth it. This DT book has around 90 percent market share in the CA Final learners market.

Best Book for CA Final IDT

There’re some great books for the CA Final IDT subject. Out of these, what stands on the peak spot is Bangar’s Indirect Tax Laws. We’ll also suggest Vineet Sodhani book, which is extremely under rated but is mutually fine in concepts. There’re many other publishers by the name Muhammad Rafi, but there’re some complaints from the learners that they’re not getting enough success in the exam following this IDT book.

Bottom Line

Now what we can conclude that the magic of scoring marks in CA Final exam is preparing and selecting best books. ICAI practical manual is one of the best books we suggested by everyone. Apart from this, CA Final students can refer to CA Final books recommended above.

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